The Line of Best Fit

It’s all about organic apples for the the digitally-averse King Creosote

Domino Records continue to give Kenny Anderson the artistic freedom to deliver such abstract, unusually constructed albums as this. Under the guise of King Creosote , he and his pals’ have recorded all around the British Isles giving this ‘cosmic’ record a fleshy Celtic flourish. Having talked to Kenny two years ago about the score of the film, and consequent album From Scotland With Love, this album inspired a few memories of that time with him. It shows a consistent contemplation on similar s

We Are Scientists Interview, Helter Seltzer - Drunken Werewolf

Interview: We Are Scientists’ Helter Seltzer is like a quinoa salad So, it’s a We Are Scientists interview. What to expect? Absolutely no idea. If you’ve seen or read any of their interviews elsewhere – although I’m not sure you’d ever need to read anything else after this comprehensive discussion of all the big talking points surrounding the band – you may have noticed that they like to joke around. Just as their fifth album Helter Seltzer was being released we caught up with them in trendy S

Lucius Interview, Good Grief

Lucius are an act that you need to see first, then listen to. Whether it’s a music video or a video interview, their devotion to their aesthetic is second to none. Lead vocalists Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig will dress and style their hair identically, while Dan Molad, Peter Lalish and Andrew Burri back them up with equally stylish verisimilitude. This is no half-baked effort - as their new video for "Born Again Teen" attests. The band’s new music is their best yet. Good Grief is bigger, bolder

Newton Faulkner live review, Kentish Town Forum: 'An engaging performer' | Gigwise

We’ve spent 10 years with Newton Faulkner in our collective consciousness. He’s an artist who picked up on the trend set by Jack Johnson a few years ago for talented men with guitars to invade our headspace with some of the catchiest barefoot-with-sandals songs of the century so far. It is only really when seeing him live that you remember the hold ‘Dream Catch Me’ and his cover of ‘Teardrop’ had over us in former years. He is back, looking much neater without his dreads (which were removed in

Nerina Pallot live review, Union Chapel - 'Intoxicating' | Gigwise

Satisfyingly, the night starts with ‘It Starts’, a slow, harp accompanied track, setting a relaxing tone. Pallot has a beautiful voice which is the sort well-adjusted for the backdrop of the Islington church. There is then a technical issue which seems to be about rearranging the furniture on-stage. It is quite a crowd the South London singer has assembled. We have guitar, bass, drums, keys, a dedicated backing singer, and a four-piece string section with Pallot playing the guitar or keys herse
The Line of Best Fit

The hand drawn sketchiness of Frankie Cosmos’ Next Thing is both its biggest asset and curse

A lot of musicians sing about themselves, but often couch their ideas in so much abstraction you don’t really get the sense of who they are. Perhaps it’s a defence mechanism; being laid bare but holding a towel up for modesty, because well, it’s personal under there. Cosmos cuts to the quick at her own expense - she knows it, and you can’t help but respect such candour. To pick and choose, there are generic references to her self-doubt like “I’m just dust” on "Too Dark" and feeling “washed up a

Direction of Travel Album Review, She Makes War

She Makes War finds peace during Direction of Travel The album artwork for She Makes War’s third album is like a blend of Howl’s Moving Castle, a floating iceberg and mini-city set against a stormy sky. There is a lighthouse, a wooden flight deck and the prow of a Viking ship. These are all super cool things that hint at the richly dramatic layers to discover beneath this cover. Direction of Travel is dark musically and lyrically, but is undoubtedly triumphant. In the same way a phoenix must g

Andy Shauf Interview, The Party

It turns out that phoning Canada can be a bit of a pain. It’s pretty far away. In lieu of human interface, singer songwriter Andy Shauf answered some questions for us by email. He was at home in Regina, Saskatchewan as he responded, with only vague plans to fiddle about on the piano later in the day or pen a new word or two.  The image of Andy Shauf sitting whimsically by a window overlooking miles of grassland, pondering subjects for his future material is not out of keeping with the atmosphere

Emmy The Great live review, Islington - 'An exhibition of talent + wit' | Gigwise

Emma-Lee Moss embraced her environs with variety show-style versatility, ranging from geo-social mini-lectures on Hong Kong’s Soho area to an open call to answer any questions audience members might have. The set was so solid that the extra-musical riffing was a welcome accompaniment rather than any attempt to cover nervousness or pad a set. Appearing on her own, ‘Hypnotist’s Son’ set the playful tone of the evening as she sang, “Every time that I think of you / I have to go to the toilet” befo